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Wander around a beach and kill slimes as a young dragonborn. Try to ignore the weird kobold.

Created as part of Games Made Quick??? III-2!. As such, it's not so much a game more of a proof of concept. But enjoy killing slimes!

All art & visual assets created by 7Bit Hero (itch.io)
Programming, sound, & avid tutorial watching by Wumbreon (itch.io, twitter)
Music by Tom Ciccone (itch.io, website, company)
Moral support by K-Fish (twitter)

This project couldn't have happened without the amazing Make an RPG  GameMaker tutorial series by Heartbeast on Youtube. Check out the series here!


Move:  WASD or arrow keys
Melee attack: F
Fireball: E
Dash: C
Interact: (in front of object) C
Pause: esc
Menu Select: enter or space


Vers's Beach Adventure - The Super Mega Alpha Vers-ion.exe 3 MB


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Cute art and super chill music. Vers's design is so adorable, too! That kobold and its cave creep me out, though.

This runs fine on macOS using Wine, by the way.

Thank you very much! 

Sir Kobold is quite a creep in the D&D game this is based on, too ;) Glad that came across well!